Institutions of Higher Education Caucus

The mission of the Institutions of Higher Education Caucus (IHE Caucus) within the Alabama Association of Emergency Managers (AAEM) is to provide emergency managers and/or college officials with emergency management responsibilities a voice and representation within AAEM, to encourage the advancement of emergency management and a culture of resiliency and safety within its respective institutions, and to provide a means for collaboration and cooperation with county and state emergency management officials.

The IHE Caucus is organized around the AAEM areas 1 through 7 (which are the same as the seven Alabama EMA geographical Divisions), with the exception of IHE Programs. This is an 8th “region” that is at-large geographically, but is open to IHE which have degrees or certifications in Emergency Management, DHS, or similar education.

The current officers are as follows: