AAEM maintains ten standing committees to carry out the work of the association. Chairmen and women are appointed by the AAEM President. All committees are open to the entire membership. If you are interested in learning more about a committee or serving as a member of a committee, contact the committee chairperson.


Federal Legislative Committee

Co-Chairman - Roy Waite, Clarke County EMA
Co-Chairman - Johnny Brock, Conecuh County EMA

The Federal Legislative Committee maintains positive outreach efforts with Alabama's congressional delegation about emergency management and homeland security issues. Additionally, many members of the Federal Legislative Committee are involved through other efforts, such as the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and National Association of Counties (NACO).

State Legislative Committee

Chairman - Anthony Clifton, DeKalb County EMA

The State Legislative Committee works to educate members of the Alabama House and Senate on emergency management issues of concern. This committee works closely with the Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA) on state-level legislative efforts.

Membership Committee

Chairman - Robert Mann, Auburn University

The membership committee works to provide services to AAEM members and to recruit emergency managers into our association.

Chairman - Ronnie Adair, Mobile County EMA

The constitution and bylaws committees maintains the core guiding documents of our association and vets any needed changes or updates to the AAEM Constitution and Bylaws and the Administrative Policies and Procedures.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Chairman - Eddie Hicks, Morgan County EMA

The Training, Education, and Conference Committee manages the AAEM Annual Conference each summer, other AAEM workshops and meetings, and the AAEM professional certification program.

Training, Education, & Conference Committee

Chairwoman - Margaret Bishop-Gulley, Sumter County EMA

The Nominations and Credentials Committee vets nominees for offices in the association and oversees the election of officers.

Nominations & Credentials Committee


The Business and Industry Committee is currently inactive.

Business & Industry Committee

Chairman - bob Franklin, Russell County EMA

The Awards and Recognition Committee oversees AAEM merit and accomplishment awards.

Awards & Recognition Committee

Chairwoman - yasamie richardson, alabama ema

The Outreach Commitee manages public affairs and member communications for the association.

Outreach Committee

Chairwoman - Kathy Carson, Lee County eMA

The Special Projects Committee is a forum for AAEM members to address emerging topics of interest and to communicate with members serving as AAEM representatives on behalf of the association to external boards, commissions, and committees.

Special Projects Committee


Special Committees

Special committees are established by the AAEM President to address particular issues.

For the 2017-18 term, AAEM President Jonathan Gaddy established three special committees to address current issues of interest to the association.


Chairman - Bob Franklin, Russell County EMA

The Outreach and Engagement Special Committee is working to position the association so that it maintains a professional image and reputation as well as to streamline communications with AAEM members and other allied public safety stakeholder associations and groups.

This committee will make recommendations to the Board at the completion of its work.

Outreach and Engagement Special Committee

Chairman - Jim Coker, Jefferson County EMA

The Warning Systems and Severe Weather Preparedness Special Committee is working to analyze the use of emergency notification and warning systems throughout the state as they relate to communication with the public for severe weather and other emergencies.

This committee will make recommendations to the Board at the completion of its work.


Warning Systems and Severe Weather Preparedness Special Committee

Chairman - Michael Posey, DeKalb County EMA

The Mutual Aid Enhancement Committee is examining the current structure of regional and statewide mutual aid systems and plans in Alabama in order to identify gaps and opportunity for improvement.

This committee will make recommendations to the Board at the completion of its work.

Mutual Aid Enhancement Special Committee