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Do you want to be part of a group of professional emergency managers working to keep Alabama safe?

If you are an emergency management professional looking ot expand your network by connecting with colleagues, seeking information, or looking to increase your knowledge in the field of emergency management, then consider becoming a member of the AAEM today.


Benefits of Membership

Why should you join the Alabama Association of Emergency Managers?

Membership is open to:

  • Anyone involved in emergency preparedness or response activities

  • Individuals with local, county, state, and federal government agencies

  • Bbusiness and industry, and

  • Volunteer organizations


AAEM members are leaders and professionals in the field of emergency management. You will be part of an organization dedicated to improving public safety before, during, and after emergencies. Together, we seek to find new and improved methods to reduce loss of life and property damage during disasters.


The AAEM Board of Directors seek to address emergency management concerns and issues on behalf of membership at the local, state, and federal levels.

Training and Certification

AAEM offers conferences, workshops, and other training and networking opportunities throughout the year in addition to a very high-quality certification program for emergency management professionals.


AAEM provides a scholarship program for those with the desire, determination, and the spirit to pursue a Bachelor's or Master's degree in emergency management or a closely related field. A committee of Past Presidents determines the qualifications for each applicant, to include whether the curriculum falls within the scope of the intended programs of the scholarship.

Membership Types

Individual Membership

Individual members must work in the public sector (government). Only individual members have voting rights in the Association. From the bylaws:

Individual membership is defined as an individual professionally engaged in directing, planning, administrating, or coordinating the activities of Emergency Management for the Federal, State, County, City, or Township Government in the State of Alabama. The membership belongs to the member jurisdiction or entity paying the dues. If the individual representing that jurisdiction or entity leaves, the membership may be transferred to another individual who works in the emergency management program. Individual members have full voting rights, may run for office, may chair or work on any committee as assigned, and have full rights of membership in the Association.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to anyone not falling into another category, and is intended for those who want to be involved in emergency management issues but who do not work in emergency management full-time.

Associate membership is defined as any elected officials, emergency service and support personnel at both the local and state levels and any other person who believes and supports the Association's purpose and who is not eligible for membership in any other classification. Associate members shall not be entitled to vote, hold office or serve on any standing committee in the Association. Associate Members may serve on special committees.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is available for those organizations in the private sector with an interest in supporting emergency management.

Corporate memberships are defined as any businesses and industries, political entities and other groups and organizations that are interested in the advancement and professionalism of Emergency Management and the purpose of the Association. Corporate members are not eligible to vote, hold office or serve on any standing committee in the Association. A corporate representative may serve on special committees.

Student Membership

Student membership is a great way for those working toward an emergency management or related degree to get involved and network with other professionals.

This membership is available to any individual attending school full-time in an emergency management or related program. Student Members are not eligible to vote, hold office or serve on any standing committee. Student Members are eligible to serve on any special committee.



Download Membership Form

Three membership forms are available:

  • Form for Government and Public Sector Personnel

  • Form for Non-Government Personnel (including students)

  • Form for Corporate Members


Government & Public Sector

Government and public employees are eligible for either Individual (voting) or Associate (non-voting) membership.

Government and public sector Membership

Full-time emergency managers working in the public sector, such as those employed by state and local government and in public education organizations, are eligible for membership in two categories:

  • Individual Member (full voting rights) - $50

  • Associate Member (non-voting) - $10



Non-governmental personnel are eligible for either Associate or Student Membership (both non-voting)

Non-Government Membership

A membership in the non-governmental category is ideal for those who want to get involved, but who do not work full-time in emergency management for a a public-sector or governmental entity. These membership categories are non-voting.

Members in this category may be:

  • Associate Member - $10

  • Student Member - $5

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Corporate Membership

Private sector organizations are eligible for non-voting membership at a rate that varies based on the number of employees.

Corporate Membership

Corporate members engaged in or supporting the work of emergency managers are welcome to join the association on a non-voting basis. Click the link below for more information.

  • Companies with 300+ employees - $100 per employee

  • Companies with fewer than 300 employees - $50 per employee