Awards And Recognition



If you know someone is doing a great job, please nominate them for one of many awards offered by the AAEM each year. Best practices and outstanding achievement should be recognized! Please include photos and descriptions of the project and/or individual being nominated. Nomination deadline varies and will be posted yearly.


The Alfred T. Moore Memorial

Volunteer Service Award

Alfred T. Moore

Alfred T. Moore

Alfred (Tom) Moore served as a long-time volunteer at the Lee County Emergency Management Agency and distinguished himself through service to the entire profession of Emergency Management and the citizens of Alabama. Tom’s extensive knowledge and experience with siren hardware and communications were instrumental in the creation of the first storm-based polygon siren activation system in the US, the Weather Message Siren Controller which was developed by Danny Lloyd. Tom was a respected HAM Radio enthusiast and worked tirelessly recruiting and training amateur radio technicians to the Alabama Skywarn organization.


Alfred T. Moore Memorial Volunteer Award: Qualifications: Recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated loyalty, a willingness to serve at a moment’s notice in an emergency needing their assistance and serving in a volunteer capacity for at least 5 years. One award may be presented each year. Please provide supporting details, photographs, etc. that illustrate these qualities in your nominee.


Pat Neuhauser Spirit of EMA Award

Pat Neuhauser, second from left

Pat Neuhauser, second from left

The Pat Neuhauser Spirit of EMA Award is presented to an individual who is dedicated, faithful and loyal with a high level of enthusiasm in promoting emergency management and a willingness to share and serve.

This is the most prestigious award offered by AAEM.

One award is presented each year. A person may only be awarded once.

2018 Award Recipient:

Phyllis Little, Cullman County EMA


Previous winners

2004 – Pat Neuhauser (posthumous)

2005 – Chuck Murph

2006 – H. Edward Hicks

2007 – Max Armstrong

2008 – Dan Isley

2009 – Deborah Gaither

2010 – Ellen Tanner

2011 – Daun King

2012 – Mindy Nash

2013 – Anita McBurnett

2014 – Ricky Little

2015 – Ronnie Adair

2016 – Jenni Guerry

2017 – Eddie Lary


AAEM Scholarship

Program Description

The AAEM awards scholarships to eligible applicants each year at the AAEM Annual Conference.

Application packets and deadline information will be made available each year prior to the conference.

Alabama Association of Emergency Managers (AAEM) provides a scholarship program for those with the desire, determination and the spirit to pursue a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Emergency Management or closely related field.  A committee of Past Presidents will determine the qualification of the applicant, to include whether or not the selection of the curriculum is related to Emergency Management.


  1. Non-members must be recommended by a member of the Alabama Association of Emergency Managers (AAEM).

  2. Members of the association may also apply directly.

  3. Applicant must be a resident of the State of Alabama for at least one calendar year with an Alabama driver’s license; a copy of the driver's license must be included with the AAEM Scholarship Approved Application Form.

  4. A minimum of the AAEM Basic Level Certification (BLEM) is required to apply.

  5. Must submit entire application to the Board of Directors at least 90 days prior to the Annual Conference. Applications must be submitted through the Area Director of the area in which the applicant lives.

  6. The applicant must receive a majority vote from the Committee of Past Presidents and an approval from the Board of Directors.

  7. The Association has determined a set amount of $1,500.00 per award per academic year ($750 per semester) and awardees must prove academic eligibility for each semester award.

  8. Scholarship applicants should include a personal 500-700 word document that describes their desire, intent, future plans, past accomplishments, community service and any other justifications for award of the scholarship.

Note to Applicants

All facets of each application will be considered, including, but not limited to:

  • EMA relationships

  • EM experience

  • EM or related volunteer work

  • EMA, AAEM or affiliate professional certifications

  • Academic records

  • Financial needs, etc.